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Thank you for visiting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) careers website. Here, you can find all of the information you need to help us in our primary role – to instil public confidence in the police complaints system.

It’s a challenging and high profile role. Focusing on the facts, we must be balanced, fair and totally independent. We must respect human rights, while getting to the heart of some of the most serious and sensitive cases. Most of all, we must gain and retain the confidence of everyone we meet by treating them with respect, integrity and honesty.

Our need to be independent means we need people from all sectors of society, who have a wide range of skills. The analytical ability to sift through evidence and find the vital piece of information. The humanity to deal sensitively with people from all walks of life when they’re grieving or at their most vulnerable. And the resilience to pursue a line of enquiry that may have awkward and even headline-grabbing consequences.  

That’s why we’re as interested in your personal and professional qualities as in your career history. If you have the character, integrity and determination we’re looking for, you can help ensure social justice and police accountability

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