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Established in April 2004, we oversee the police complaints system in England and Wales and set the standards the police should apply when handling complaints.

As a totally independent body, not part of the police or government, we investigate and make decisions on serious and sensitive cases, including where police action may have led to death or serious injury.

We work to secure and maintain public confidence in the police complaints system and to hold the police to account. We do this by analysing evidence, unearthing facts and making our findings available to complainants, bereaved families, the police, local communities and society as a whole.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our unique role relies on our ability to retain the trust of both the public and the police. That’s why independence, impartiality and transparency are crucial in everything we do; and why recruiting people from every walk of life is essential to ensure our findings and recommendations are completely independent and achieve positive changes in policing.